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Teffany Malonsome - Bio (Singer/Songwriter/Vocal Producer)

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Teffany Malonsome...(A Rising Star)... Forget the world! is a common thought that cultivates through young minds that have developed through the heartache and pain of Oakland, Ca. Teffany Malonsome offers her remedies and understanding to her peers and those who are in need of guidance to just get through their misfortunes. Although some of Teffany's work can be fun and trend setting, she uses her voice through song to empower, stimulate, and provide her listeners with tools to conquer their obstacles. I am a determined black artist. Teffany says, singing has been my first love since the tender age of four. While being involved in this music industry, I’ve learned to embrace and overcome the obstacles that have been placed before me, and look to the future cause that's part of life. The future doesn't always seem so bright, but as long as I remain mindful and give it my all, things have seemed to turn out right. The day that I am finished with life’s challenges will be the day that I will have nothing to offer as an artist, and a healer to those in need of a friend that simply understands. I always challenge myself to keep an open mind yet to never undermined what I stand for. Feel me? Teffany strives to synthesize edgy, real, and sometimes even controversial music because she says that it helps her build to observe her listeners responses. Music helps her express herself tactfully without personally offending those who inspire her to write and sing. Dr. Dre and other producers have compared her style to that of Mary J. Blige., because of her tendency to address the struggles that occur in the inner city; however, Teffany influences range from Billy Holiday, Brandy, Kelly Price, Aretha Franklin, Mahelia Jackson, Patti Labelle, to other soul and jazz singers of the 21 th century. Just like these women, Teffany aspires to be Supreme and "make music that one can cry to, dance to, and most importantly, relate to. Teffany says she also gets some of her edginess as a writer from studying the lyrics of Philosopher and Rapper Tupac Shakur, who seems to share common values that Teffany has. But nonetheless her creativity enables her to stay original....Teffany, if not yet obvious, was born and raised in Oakland CA (The Bay Area), born May 3, 1984. Life has not just been rainbows and butterflies for Teffany; she was raised by a single mom that struggled through college while raising two kids on her own. Teffany's dad died of an untimely death caused by epilepsy, so she does know about the struggle. But luckily her mom and family setup a support system for her and instilled positive words in her mind despite the odds that her environment seemed to suggest. Teffany saw that she was relatively lucky to have such a support team opposed to some of her peers, so she chose to pass empowering words on to youth sometimes classified as juvenile delinquents. She was not afraid to get into their faces and tell them that they were better then what they were doing. Young, yet outgoing, Teffany started changing the world by helping who was right next to her which I like to define as hands on philanthropy... She has been nurturing her talents since the tender age of four through performances such as school talent shows, Motown (1995), Big break (2001), MTV Duets (for usher; 2002), American Idol (2004), Making the band (2005), and believe me, the list goes on, Teffany has taken African Dance, Ballet, Salsa, Jazz, and swing etc. Unaware of what she was doing, she has always tried to get her hands on whatever she could that would build herself as an artist and it was fun. She says, Now its time to get serious!.... She got into the studio at age 11, and displayed a certain maturity and work ethic that was before her time. Local Rapper Poohman, who she worked with, noticed that Teffany loved getting things done and being creative; thus he took her under his wing and let her sing back up on his album on a song called murder, murder featuring Spice 1. From there, she kept critiquing herself as a professional, through taking economics and voice courses in college, singing and dancing back up for local artist Angel sessions, and visiting L.A. to network. Teffany is driven force that will be recognized by the world.

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