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Mia Lebon ( Songwriter)

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Oakland native, Midalia "Mia" LeBron is an adept soulful singer with her own style that easily translates across all genres of music. As a first soprano for 6 years with the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir and the lead singer of a Bay Area blues band, Mia's talent reaches far and wide with a 5 octave range, she delivers rich sultry lows and heart pounding highs. Charismatic with an inviting stage presence, Mia has been a gifted performer and songwriter since the age of 4 where she sang with her mother in church, then evolving into a stellar soloist with her high school choir in Hayward. Mia credits her high school choir teacher, Mrs. Marianne Overall with instilling in her the confidence and discipline exemplified in her voice, in her writing and in her spiritual life.
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