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Julius Malone " Skylar Story" - Bio (Singer/Songwriter/Instrumentalist)

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Born into the world in Oakland, California, on March 26, 1986, as Julius Clyde Malone

AKA (Skylar Story), an artist was born to a mother who is a schoolteacher from San Francisco, California, and a father who was an entrepreneur from Houston Texas. Julius, from a young boy, he was a gifted child. He excelled in math, English, science, and music. He was noticed by the school he attended at a young age and was selected to be in GATE for Gifted and Talented students. As his education progressed, Julius was a force to be reckoned with by the time he reached high school. He ran track and field where he won a Gold medal for his high school in Australia. However, even after Julius accomplished so much, music was still at his core. He started writing songs with his sister Teffany Malone (Malonsome) when she received a record deal from Aftermath records in 2005. Julius and his older sister were a fantastic team, and they had a way of capturing real life experiences from those around them. Nevertheless, Julius did not stop there. He went on to college, graduated in Industrial Engineering, and landed a VP of Operations job through an internship program that he participated in while attending Cal State East Bay. Julius was just in his early twenties and was on his way to a bright future. In 2020, Julius decided to record his first song First Fiddle when the Producer extraordinaire Freeman (Free jack) Williams, who produced the likes of two Pac, DJ Quick, Rapin 4 Tay, and more, noticed him. Free jack heard Skylar’s unique sound and took notice of where he could go within the music industry. No, the rest is history. Skylar is currently working on his new album and ready to entertain the masses.

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