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Freeman "FreeJack" Williams (Manager/Producer/Screenwriter) Founding member of the Teknitionz

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

FREEMAN “FREEJACK” WILLIAMS is a well known California music-recording artist, producer and songwriter. Born in 1971 in Compton California his mom and dad then moved to the Oakland California then to Richmond California where he attended Richmond High School in Richmond California also Eureka Senior High School in Eureka California where he spent a lot of his time writing songs.

AT A YOUNG AGE Freejack’s unique music style begins to emerge. He found a passion not only in various genres of music; Freejack understood the methodical tools it takes to create high quality music. After overcoming the adversities of his community, the name Freejack began to rise strong in the Bay Area Music circuit. He quickly became one of California’s hottest and well-respected hip-hop music producers as he worked with some of California’s well-known Legends such as DJ Quick and Rappin-4-Tay.

IN 1997 he released his first solo album under TNT Records called V.S.O.P. Produced by Atron Gregory he was label mates with Digital Underground and 2Pac Shakur. Freejack made his mark as a MAJOR MUSIC PRODUCER when he landed a deal with Dr. Dre on Aftermath and Interscope Records and was one of the lead producers. There he continued to make hits with some of the greatest artist in the music industry, which includes but not limited to Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Wu Tang Clan, Suga Free, Ray J and Damian Marley. He later joined forces with Quincy Jones III on 2Pac’s movie and soundtrack “Thug Angel”. Freejack’s vision and ambitions to create great music only expand. He has continued to fine-tune his craft, making original and unique sounding music that carries on today.

IN 2010 He decided to go independent and developed his own style of music that captures his essence. From the blood, sweat and tears Freejack put everything that makes up who he is as a person into the sound of Gutta Child Records. Freejack’s sound is what built Gutta Child Records. In 2013 freejack teamed up with friends and fellow music exclusive King John Hanson who owns Tha Council Entertainment. Together gutter child records and Tha Council Entertainment are revolutionizing a music sound that is relevant and all genres and that can be enjoyed throughout generations to come. Freejack’s career has taken him to new heights as he is known in all parts of the world including the UK and Japan where he is respectfully known as Mr. Freejack.

In 2019 Freejack has teamed up with other Aftermath artist and well known producers and have become the Co-Founder of Malonsome and Williams ENT. Freejack has also partnered with Empire Music to create great business opportunities for his Entertainment company.

Freeman Williams with Jamie Foxx

Freeman Williams and LisaRaye McCoy

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